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Eliminate The Grime That's Making Your Property Appear Shabby

Professional Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning Services in Billings, MT

Clean, plush carpets make any space instantly more attractive and inviting. However, many home and business owners lack the time or energy to give their carpeting the proper cleaning it needs. Fortunately, the team at GDR Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning is here to help. Located in Billings, MT, our team of carpet cleaning professionals specializes in making carpet look new again.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Using the latest in carpet steaming technologies, we deep clean your flooring, removing dirt, allergens, pet hair, and more. We can also clean upholstery on sofas and other furniture. Whether you have customers tracking in outside dirt or a pet who loves to make itself at home on your favorite chair, we can provide you with the services you need.
Dog Laying on Carpet — Carpet Cleaning in Billings, MT

Commercial Janitorial Service

Our family-owned business has been in operation for over three decades, providing clients with high-quality carpet cleaning service at affordable prices. We also offer a full range of janitor services, including dusting, hard floor cleaning, bathroom sanitization, and more. Your business will look sparkling clean when you choose us.

24/7 Service

Freshen up your home or office with our full range of cleaning services. With our 24-hour carpet cleaning services, our team is ready to tackle any mess at any time. Give GDR Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning a call today to schedule your free consultation (406) 855-0791.
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